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Academics must continue to write monographs, argues Sussex business lecturer

22 April 2016

A new article by Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management Dr Ödül Bozkurt calls on fellow academics to focus on...

Business, Management and Economics staff win Student Led Teaching Awards

22 April 2016

Several members of faculty in the School of Business, Managament and Economics have received Student Led Teaching Awards in recognition of their...

Transparency is not a panacea for the resource curse, new study finds

20 April 2016

Global campaigns to bring more transparency to the oil and gas sectors have yet to live up to their promises, a new study finds.

Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study

15 April 2016

The worldwide reliance on burning fossil fuels to create energy could be phased out in a decade, according to a major energy think tank in the UK.

UK press highlights research by Sussex economist on Ofsted reports' impact on house prices

8 April 2016

Several national newspapers have published articles highlighting research by Sussex economist Dr Iftikhar Hussain, which reveals that the cost...

SPRU Professor gives views on energy access to Elsevier "Energy Sessions"

7 April 2016

Benjamin Sovacool is one of three experts giving their views on the future of energy generation and use in relation to UN Sustainable Goal Number 7.

Brazilian recovery requires investment in innovation - Mariana Mazzucato in new report for Brazilian government

6 April 2016

Brazil must put investment back at the core of its economic policy to achieve economic recovery and long-term growth, new SPRU report argues.

SPRU academics advise Brazil to invest in innovation for economic recovery

6 April 2016

Put investment back at the core of economic policy to achieve economic recovery and long-term growth, argues new SPRU report for Brazilian government.

Last chance to share your views on the European Union referendum

4 April 2016

Students and staff have a final chance to complete a survey about the UK referendum on EU membership before it closes at midday on Tuesday (5 April).

Global Photo Booth shines the spotlight on Alumni Consuls during One World Week

31 March 2016

The Development and Alumni Relations Office celebrated One World Week by highlighting the generosity and diversity of alumni volunteers worldwide.

Items 51 to 60 of 245

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