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Too narrow and too small: CIED researcher reacts to reforms to UK government’s ECO scheme

31 January 2017

CIED researcher reacts to the government's announced reforms to its Energy Company Obligation scheme.

Opportunities for Sussex PhD students to visit Hong Kong for research collaborations

27 January 2017

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is inviting applications from doctoral researchers at Sussex for its Global Scholarship Programme.

Rugby injury inspires rehab-suit invention

26 January 2017

It was a bad injury while on duty for the Sussex rugby team that gave Laurence his idea for a customization compression suit for injured sportspeople.

Nordic countries are bringing about an energy transition worth copying

25 January 2017

What can we learn from the Nordic low-carbon energy transition given the new US leadership vacuum on climate change? A new study offers key lessons.

Library and ITS make further improvements in response to survey

24 January 2017

The Library and IT Services are making improvements to their services following a survey during the autumn term.

Trump election saw UK happiness reach six-year low, app data shows

16 January 2017

The day of Trump's election victory was the UK's most miserable day in over six years, according to the makers of a mood-monitoring smartphone app.

Imposing ‘meaningful work’ leads to staff burnout

16 January 2017

Strategies to boost staff performance and morale by manipulating our desire for meaningful work often achieve the opposite - damaging organisations...

University of Sussex top in UK for energy economics, second for innovation

12 January 2017

Sussex’s School of Business, Management and Economics has been ranked the top institution in the UK for research in energy economics.

Get involved with the Students' Union spring term elections and referenda

12 January 2017

Students will be putting themselves forward for a variety of roles with the Students’ Union this term, and you could be involved.

The UK’s post-Brexit farm policy could see reintroduction of border controls in Ireland

9 January 2017

Post-Brexit agricultural policy could have implications for consumer prices and will have to conform to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

Items 41 to 50 of 287

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