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The School of Business, Management and Economics is divided into three departments - Business and Management, Economics and SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research) - and also includes the International Summer School. Follow the links below to visit department sites:

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School of Business, Management and Economics
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Welcome to the School of Business, Management and Economics

The ongoing crisis in the financial sector has highlighted the need for competent and responsible men and women to provide strong leadership, not only in these areas but across the whole range of business, financial and regulatory activity.

The School of Business, Management and Economics is a unique, research focused school which takes a strong policy-directed view on business practices while also developing the underlying core disciplines. The School is exceptionally well placed to provide leadership in the development and dissemination of sustainable business and management practice, informed by sound economic logic.

Dr Mike OsborneDr Mike Osborne

Latest news

Sussex finance lecturer's new book praised by Nobel Prize winning economist

Influential economist and winner of the 1987 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Professor Robert Solow has praised a new book byDr Mike Osborne (Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in the Department of Business and Management), writing in a letter to Dr Osborne that he "liked everything about it".

Prof Carol AlexanderProf Carol Alexander

Prof Carol Alexander's Sussex Lecture: 21 May

Professor Carol Alexander will give a Sussex Lecture on 21 May, titled 'Financial market volatility'.

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The Jubilee Building

In the summer of 2012, the School of Business, Management and Economics moved in to the Jubilee Building, the state of the art new academic building at the heart of the Sussex campus. Named in honour of the University's 50th anniversary celebrations in 2012, the Jubilee Building includes a 500-seat lecture theatre (the University's largest), general and specialist teaching spaces, academic and support space, and social and café facilities.

Images of the Jubilee Building