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Student perspectives

Carmen's international perspective

Carmen Gheoldus talks about her experience as an international student taking a UG degree in the Department of Business and Management.

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Veronika's perspective

'Being an overseas student of business and management studies at Sussex has encouraged me to think for myself about many issues surrounding modern businesses in a globalised world. The degree widened my intellectual and cultural horizons in many different ways, and I learned things from a new perspective. This has greatly contributed to my development and given me a more sophisticated way of looking at the world.

'In addition, I was offered an internship, helping out on a project looking at innovation in the biotechnology industry. The main task was to build a new dataset that would help to identify which organisational types were successful in contributing to drug innovation. The first target was to identify UK firms involved in drug discovery and development. At the same time I was given some additional tasks on the financial side of the project, building and analysing the database of funding rounds of UK drug discovery companies.

'My internship was a great opportunity to understand how research is conducted in a top academic institution and this will definately help me in my future career.'

Veronika Ovechkina
Business and Management Studies BSc student