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Placement information for employers

We work continually to build strong links with the local and national business community, and are looking for organisations to provide placement opportunities for our undergraduate students.

Benefits for employers

Participating in our placement degrees will give you a direct route to a pool of bright, enthusiastic undergraduates and can:

  • add real value to your business
  • provide you with an opportunity to 'road test' potential graduate recruits and give cost benefits to your recruitment process
  • bring new expertise to different aspects of your business.
Our undergraduates

Business and management students at Sussex take a common core of modules in their first year before specialising in fields such as finance, marketing, human resource management or international business. We have developed our degrees in consultation with the Institute of Directors, and have professional accreditation for relevant accounting and finance modules. We continue to refine and update our degrees to ensure they remain relevant for employers.

Every one of our degrees encourages innovative and strategic thinking, and through participation in group projects and a case-study approach to teaching, our students develop a wide range of skills and move beyond theory into practice. In addition, our students can benefit from our employment skills programme, Sussex Plus, and from involvement in other activities such as Students in Free Enterprise and the CIMA Global Challenge. The combination of this skill set and their ability to understand the issues your business faces means that our students have the drive and expertise to make a real contribution to your company.

Types of work

Business and management students will typically take roles in finance, marketing, HR, planning/analysis or logistics. We can work with you to help to identify the best opportunities and the best fit.

A successful placement, for both employer and student, will go beyond the basics. What we look for includes:

  • hands-on experience, often a distinct project with a clear deliverable and timescale
  • opportunities to see different aspects of your business
  • participation in training alongside your employees
  • your commitment to mentoring and checking progress.
What we can do for you

We can help you explore the wide variety of ways in which placements can help your business.

We provide practical help throughout the process on the following aspects:

  • advertising, both through our database and by direct targeted communication
  • arrangements for presentations or attendance at fairs
  • provision of facilities and support for assessment activities and interviews
  • review of progress and measurement of success at the year end.
Other ways that we can work together

The University of Sussex is continually searching for ways to build relationships with businesses, of which placements are just one example. To find out more visit Business and Enterprise.

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