Business and Management

Research areas

The Business and Enterprise group’s work is organised into the following key areas:


Global Marketing and Services Management


Dr Achilleas Boukis 
Mr Graham Harrison 
Mr Rene Moolenaar 
Dr Mariachiara Restuccia 

Recent work has appeared in journals such as: Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Managing Service Quality and International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. Recent work also includes producing key text books such as: Marketing Planning Process and Strategic Digital Marketing.

Key areas of interest include:

  • Global MNCs and their digital marketing strategies, advertising, branding and viral marketing
  • Supporting SMEs in strategy planning, brand development, repositioning, channel development and international expansion  
  • Financial impact of marketing management activities, such as channel rewards and collaboration between marketing channel partners for innovation



Monica Masucci 
David Storey 
Shova Thapa Karki 
Mirela Xheneti

Key areas of interest include:

Faculty working in this area research entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour in diverse settings and contexts. Their work has appeared in leading journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and PracticeIndustrial and Corporate ChangeJournal of Business VenturingEuropean Urban and Regional Studies and Environment and Planning.  They have attracted research grants from the European Commission, the British Academy, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Research students (PhD)

Alia Noor Roowala - Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: A Study of the ‘Newest Generation’ of South Asian Immigrants
Supervisors: Mirela Xheneti and Odul Bozkurt

Boidurjo Mukhopadhaya - Renewable energy technology, rural entrepreneurship and rural development
Supervisors: Shova Thapa Karki and Fiona Marshall (SPRU)

Gioel Gioacchino - Organisation Management, Participatory Development and Financial Sustainability
Supervisors: Shova Thapa Karki and Jim Sumberg (IDS)

Lisa Blatch - Teaching entrepreneurship in higher education: an assessment of the effectiveness of teaching and learning of Entrepreneurship and its relationship with Entrepreneurial practice  
Supervisors: Mirela Xheneti and Louise Morley (Department of Education)