Postgraduate (PG) Modules

Applied Research Methods (MBA module), Sussex, forthcoming in fall 2018

MBA Final Project (PG; 708N1D), Sussex, fall 2017 - present (ongoing)

Managing Virtual Projects (PG; 951N1), Sussex, spring 2017 - present (ongoing)

New Ways of Work: Virtual Teamwork, Valencia, fall 2016, fall 2017

Project Management (PG; 951N1), Sussex, spring 2016

Digital Business (PG), Birkbeck, spring 2015

Information Systems Theory & Practice (PG), Royal Holloway, winter 2014 and spring 2015

Creativity & Innovation Methods (PG), Bath, winter 2012


Undergraduate (UG) Modules

Managing Global Virtual Projects (UG module), Sussex, forthcoming in spring 2019

Management of Innovation (UG; N1049), Sussex, spring 2018 - present

Information Systems (UG; N1039), Sussex, winter 2015

Virtual Organizing (UG), Bath, springs 2011 and 2012


Dissertation, Thesis and Placement Supervision

I am currently supervising one PhD student and have also supervised 10 placements, and 36 PG and 10 UG dissertations or structured research projects from the following programmes (at Sussex and elsewhere):

  • PhD level:
    • PhD Management
  • MSc level:
    • MSc Management
    • MSc International Management
    • MSc Human Resource Management
  • BSc level:
    • BSc Business and Management
    • BSc Business with Human Resource Management
    • BSc International Business