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Reionization 1

Observational signatures of Cosmic Reionization


Over the last few years Dr. Iliev and his collaborators (in Texas,
Stockholm, and Toronto) have pioneered the area of large-scale
simulations of cosmic reionization. These resulted in the first
robust conclusions on the fundamental characteristics and observable
signatures of this epoch.  Work is now under way on a new set of very
large-scale, massively-parallel simulations of early structure formation
and reionization. These will be much larger and more detailed than any done
to date, with hugely improved dynamic range and resolution, which once again
will re-define the state-of-the-art of the subject. A key outcome of these
simulations will be detailed predictions of the observable signatures of
early structure formation and the process of reionization, itself. The aim
of this project is to use the current and future simulations of early
structure formation and cosmic reionization to derive detailed predictions
of the resulting observable signatures, and in particular in radio
(redshifted 21-cm lime), for the interferometer arrays LOFAR and GMRT, and
in Lyman-alpha emission. The latter is the goal of high-redshift Ly-alpha
survey programs lead by our collaborators at Arizona State University, USA
(Dark Ages Survey at z>7 with NEWFIRM at NOAO) and University of Toronto,
Canada (ground-based search for 7<z<11 using F2T2 filter on the
Gemini South telescope).