Astronomy Centre


The principal science goals of our research are: to constrain the physics of the early Universe through development of theoretical predictions and confrontation with observational data; to identify the leading cosmological models and to test competing theories of dark energy; to understand the formation of the largest structures; to relate galaxy formation and evolution to structure formation through new large surveys and advanced modelling.

Galaxy formation and evolution

Jonathan Loveday, Seb Oliver, Mark Sargent, Stephen Wilkins, postdocs and research students.


Kathy Romer, postdocs and research students.

Numerical Simulations of Structure Formation and Reionization

Anastasia FialkovIlian Iliev, Robert Smith, Peter Thomas, postdocs and research students.

Testing Cosmological Models

Anastasia FialkovIlian Iliev, Antony Lewis, David Seery, Mark Hindmarsh, Robert Smith, postdocs and research students.

Physics of the Early Universe

Antony Lewis, David Seery, Mark Hindmarsh, Chris Byrnes, postdocs and research students.