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Sussex Astronomy Centre at 50

Baron Rees of Ludlow

Professor John Barrow

The Astronomy Centre at Sussex was founded in October 1965 with a collaboration between the University and the Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO), then at Herstmonceux. The Department recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with a lunch in the Terrace Room at Bramber House, University of Sussex.

Due to the association with RGO, the pioneering Astronomy MSc and an internationally-leading research profile, former members of the Astronomy Centre significantly permeate the astronomical community. The event was a huge success with around 90 current and former faculty, fellows and students from across the years.

After lunch there were hugely interesting and entertaining speeches from some illustrious members: Dr John Gribbin, Baron Rees of Ludlow, Professors John Barrow, Carlos Frenk and Andrew Liddle. The speeches reflected on the huge success of the Astronomy Centre over the years and the characters and events that make it such a special place. To commemorate the event, current faculty had assembled a book containing one scientific highlight from each year and each attendee received a copy of the book and these highlights were displayed as slides throughout the lunch.

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By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Thursday, 27 October 2016