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Explore galaxies far, far away at the University of Sussex

4 January 2017

Children and adults will be seeing stars during an evening of astronomical activities at the University of Sussex campus this month.

Sussex Astronomy Centre at 50

25 October 2016

The Astronomy Centre at Sussex was founded in October 1965 with a collaboration between the University and the Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO),...

Sussex astronomers observe the deepest view of the Universe

27 September 2016

Sussex astronomers - working with an international team - have observed the Hubble Ultra Deep Field - our deepest view of the Universe.

Medicine meets astrophysics to help early dementia diagnosis

6 September 2016

Sussex astrophysicists will swap galaxies for general practice in an innovative new study that aims to improve the early diagnosis of dementia.

Record number of MPS researchers entered for Sussex Impact and Research Awards

28 June 2016

The recent Sussex Impact Day concluded with the presentation of University awards to Sussex researchers whose work has had exceptional effects on the...

50 years of Astronomy at Sussex and 25th anniversary of UK Cosmo

14 June 2016

Astronomy at Sussex is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and hosted the 25th anniversary of UK Cosmo meetings last week. UKCosmo...

Dr Kathy Romer publishes new Dark Energy Survey papers

7 January 2016

A new batch of papers from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) has just been released. Several will be presented at the American Astronomical Society...

Sussex physicist awarded for public engagement work

26 November 2015

Physics Research Fellow, Dr Jillian Scudder, has received the South East Physics Network Newcomer Award for engaging the public with her research.

Maths and Physics & Astronomy students rise to research challenges in hack day

26 November 2015

What would you expect to happen when you put students in a room and give them two major research challenges? Challenges that they have never worked...

Astronomers at Sussex measure how fast our universe is dying

14 August 2015

An international team of researchers, including two Sussex astronomers, discovered that the universe is slowly dying.

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