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Researchers find that massive black holes halt star birth in distant galaxies

10 May 2012

Massive black holes may exert control over the number of stars formed in the early lives of the galaxies in which they sit, astronomers have shown.

Why we should all be seeing stars in our skies

2 February 2011

A University of Sussex scientist is calling on Sussex people to count stars as part of a campaign to reduce light pollution in our night skies.

Nine lives changed by one year …

21 July 2010

A former car mechanic and a call centre worker are among nine physics graduates who will share a very special celebration today (Wednesday 21 July).

Sussex scientist reveals detailed view of far galaxies

5 July 2010

Amazing new views of distant galaxies from billions of years ago have been released by a space project led by a University of Sussex scientist.

Scientists show how bright galaxies stick together

26 May 2010

University of Sussex physicists and partners have today revealed the latest findings from the Herschel space observatory.

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