Photo of Karis Jade Petty

Karis Jade Petty
Lecturer in Anthropology and International Development
T: +44 (0)1273 872552


Research interests include: the body, perception, landscape, disability (particularly vision impairment), the imagination and interior experience, phenomenology, sensory experience, wellbeing, interspecies connection, walking, memory, time, intercorporeality, place and space, attention, the uncanny, sensorial research methodologies, apprenticeship research methodologies.

Karis is interested in supervising research relevant to these interests.


Current doctoral researchers

Luke Walker - Biotech practises and changing cultural identities in Iceland (awarded SeNSS studentship)


Current post-graduate supervisee thesis titles

An anthropology of art: an analysis of exchange and value in the contemporary art market

Embodiment of queerness through social media: an anthropological take

The positive meaning of the menstrual cycle in women's lives

Dyslexia as experienced: time, space and the body

Understandings of the 'quality' and 'effectiveness' of aid for aid workers in the Phillipines


Current undergraduate year-long dissertation supervisee titles

From one neurodivergent adult to another: Narrating how people with comorbid additional needs experience day to day environments

Socialising in and through nature: a garden community in Brighton