Currently, I teach courses in Ethnographic Film, Visual Anthropology, Practising Anthropology, Anthropological Research Methods, Practising Cultural Studies, and Transnational Migration and Diaspora. 

I welcome Ph.D. proposals on any of my areas of research interest in South Asia and Britain as well as in other regions. Current and past doctoral researchers include:

Benji Zeitlyn: 'Growing up Glocal in London and Sylhet' (Arts and Humanities Research Council, awarded in 2010).

Sarah Joshi: 'The Diasporic Romance: The NRI Trope and Interracial Transgression in Popular Indian Cinema' (awarded in 2012 after 3 years)

Yacine Korid: 'French by Association: The Role of Associations in a Parisian Banlieue' (awarded in 2014)

Shrikant Borkar: 'In the Twilight Zone of Aid Bureuacracy: A Study of Social Policy Entrepreneurs' (part-funded by Voice of Dalit International) (awarded in 2016)

Benjamin Dix: ‘Graphic Violence: Representing Conflict and Displacement through Visual Narratives’, a part of a 50:50 (audio-)visual PhD involving the production of a 50,000 word thesis and a graphic novel based on the civil war in Sri Lanka http://positivenegatives.org/comics/the-vanni/the-vanni-comic/ (awarded in 2016 after 3 years)

Faisal Syed Mohammed: 'Understanding Reciprocity: Kinship, Credit and Religion among the Nawayats of Coastal Karnataka’ (Commonwealth Scholarship, awarded in 2018)

Violeta Vajda: 'Ending Centuries of Submission? The Response of a 'Caramidari' Roma Pentecostal Community in Transylvania to the Twin Challenges of Development and Racism'.

Sian Aggett: 'Jeewan Jal: Life and Water in Patan, Kathmandu' http://www.jeewanjal.com/ (Wellcome Scholarship)

Keith Rodway, film and thesis: 'No Kidding: Societal Attitudes Towards Women Who Have Elected Not To Have Children', part of a 50:50 (audio-)visual Ph.D. involving the production of an ethnographic film.

Catherine Donaldson, film and thesis: 'Between Fiction, Ethnography and the Negotiating Limbo', part of a 50:50 (audio-)visual Ph.D. involving the production of participatory ethnographic films.

Nasreen Akhter: 'Narrating the Experiences of Bangladeshi Migrant Women in the UK' (Commonwealth Scholarship)

Shammi M. Kabir: 'Kinship Support in Improving Workers’ Mental Health and Quality of Work (QoW): An Ethnography of Elderly British-Bangladeshi Independent Professional Self-employed Workers in London'.

Diyuti Ailawadi: 'Memory and Public Memorials as Markers of Resistance in Kashmir'.