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Make Change Happen | An introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed for change

Friday 24 November 18:00 until 20:00
Arts C333 University of Sussex
Speaker: Resist and Renew
Part of the series: Make Change Happen


This workshop explores the praxis of the Theatre of the Oppressed through games, techniques and exercises for generating dialogue and embodied action enquiry. Suitable for beginners and the more advanced, actors and non-actors - everyone is welcome!

Theatre of the Oppressed is a range of techniques, games and exercises, using embodied narrative to support the empowerment and liberation of individuals and their communities. The approach was developed by Augusto Boal in South America, and has since been used all over the world in the building of community, to dynamize social engagement, and to support individuals to realise their creative potential for personal and social transformation.

“Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.” – Augusto Boal, Games For Actors & Non-Actors

In essence, it utilises theatre in order to generate solutions to real problems, create dialogue where before there was only monologue, and ultimately “humanise humanity” by enabling people to develop the skills and faculties to liberate themselves and others. It creates space for a rehearsal for life. It is a way of analysing the power dynamics of our society and our personal relationships, purporting that personal problems are social problems.

The training will introduce key principles of Boal's work, laying the foundation for future exploration.

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By: Elizabeth Beckmann
Last updated: Thursday, 2 November 2017