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Ebola Response Network wins top prize for providing vital advice to humanitarian teams

23 June 2016

An online network that helped teams work together during the Ebola outbreak has been awarded the ESRC's Outstanding International Impact prize.

University staff shortlisted for research impact award

13 May 2016

Psychology professor, Jane Oakhill, and a team led by Prof Melissa Leach, have both been shortlisted for the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize.

“How do we think about conservation, and who is it for?”

13 May 2016

Blog post from Life Sciences PhD student, Dan Ingram, with his thoughts on the Georgina Mace SSRP inaugural lecture

Alumni return to campus to invigorate career prospects for hundreds of students

31 March 2016

Former students passed on careers advice to a record number of students during Make it Happen fortnight in February and March.

Alumni return to campus to boost student career prospects

17 February 2016

Sussex alumni will return to campus to offer current students valuable insight into a range of career paths during Make it Happen fortnight.

First research grant awarded to Sussex-Mahidol Migration Partnership

15 February 2016

Sussex migration experts are to investigate with colleagues in Thailand how the lives of Thai people are affected by relationships with Westerners.

What does Zika mean for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

10 February 2016

A blog from Maya Unnithan, Hayley Macgregor and Jackie Cassell The lightning emergence of Zika virus as a World Health Organization (WHO) designated...

Two Sussex students showcase research in Parliament

5 February 2016

The UK’s best undergraduate research has been on show to top politicians in Westminster - with two Sussex students among them.

Sussex researchers advance migration partnerships in Thailand and Singapore

29 January 2016

Sussex migration researchers are building links with universities in Thailand and Singapore to conduct research on European-SE Asian migration.

Careers Fair 2015 is nearly upon us

28 October 2015

Next Wednesday (4 November) over 130 different organisations will be gracing the AMEX stadium for Careers Fair 2015.

Items 51 to 60 of 86

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