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Pauline Oosterhoff

CORTH Member Pauline Oosterhoff, from the Institutute of Development Studies, has a range of fascinating recent publications that we would love to share. Pauline has over 20 years of international experience in public health research and advisory services and media production. She has masters degrees in political science and international public health and a PhD in medical anthropology

Her recent publications are as follows:

• Oosterhoff P., Shephard K., Peeters A., Igonya E., Honderdos I. (2016) Affective Engagement with Research Evidence about Young People’s Sex Education in Kenya
Creative Education (CE) (Vol.7 No.11 2016)

• Oosterhoff P, Igonya Kahega E. (2015) Constitutional Reforms and Access to HIV Services for Women in Low-Resource Settings in Nairobi, Kenya. IDS Evidence Report.

• Oosterhoff P., Dkhar B., Albert S. (2015) Understanding unmet contraceptive needs among rural Khasi men and women in Meghalaya. Culture, Health and Sexuality. Volume 17, Issue 9

• Oosterhoff, P., Saprii, L., Kharlyngdoh, D. and Albert, S. (2015) When the Hen Crows: Obstacles that Prevent Indigenous Women from Influencing Health-care Policies – A Case Study of Shillong, Meghalaya, India. IDS Evidence Report 119 Publisher IDS

• Oosterhoff, P., Mills, E. and Oosterom, M. (2014) Addressing Sexual Violence in and beyond the 'Warzone' IDS Rapid Response Briefing 7 Publisher IDS

• Oosterhoff P., (2014) Research methods and visualization tools for online LGBT communities. Methodology brief. IDS.
• Oosterhoff P., Waldman L. and Olerenshaw D. (2014) Literature Review on Sexuality and Poverty, IDS Evidence Report No 55, IDS, Brighton.


• “Ups and Downs in Shillong”, “Better than my Mother”, “Never Back down” and “my Decision” (2014) Lead researcher/Project leader. Digital stories of indigenous women on SRHR, empowerment and alcohol in Meghalaya, India.

• “My life on the streets”, “River of Live to Majengo” “Crushed Dreams” “Innocent in Kibera” and”Lost and Found in Kibera” (2014) Lead researcher/Project leader. Digital stories of HIV positive female Nairobi slum residents on sex work, law and the family.

Music/radio productions on health, rights, gender

• “Love Matters Music Award” Principal investigator/coordinator. Young Kenyan musicians put research findings onto music to compete for an award and recording by record label Penya.

• “Poison Thoughts” (2012) 3.40 min. Project leader/producer. The Cryptographik Street Poets, Benedict Hynniewta, Arno Peeters. Rap video on binge drinking among Khasi youth by Khasi rappers.

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