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BOOK News! A Fragmented Landscape: Abortion Governance and Protest Logics in Europe

A FRAGMENTED LANDSCAPE: Abortion Governance and Protest Logics in Europe, edited by Silvia De Zordo, Joanna Mishtal, and Lorena Anton

CORTH Member Silvia De Zordo's new book on abortion governance and protest logics in Europe, that she edited with Joanna Mishtal and Lorena Anton, is now out. 

Since World War II, abortion policies have remained remarkably varied across European nations, with struggles over abortion rights at the forefront of national politics. This volume analyses European abortion governance and explores how social movements, political groups, and individuals use protests and resistance to influence abortion policy. Drawing on case studies from Italy, Spain, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the European Union, it analyses the strategies and discourses of groups seeking to liberalise or restrict reproductive rights. It also illuminates the ways that reproductive rights politics intersect with demographic anxieties, as well as the rising nationalisms and xenophobia related to austerity policies, mass migration and the recent terrorist attacks in Europe.

A link to the introduction and to the book can be found here. Thanks to Silvia et al. for a fascinating read. 

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By: Centre for Cultures of Reproduction
Last updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2017