Sussex Center for American Studies

Career opportunities

American Studies graduates find employment in a wide range of fields including teaching, media and the civil service. Our degrees give graduates an edge in the job market because having spent a period in North America during their four-year, multidisciplinary degree, they are seen by employers as versatile and able to adapt quickly to new information and approaches.

As an American Studies student at Sussex, you will be supported to gain:

  • knowledge of the US in the context of the Americas across a range of topics and historical periods
  • an appreciation of the ways in which different fields of study combine to give a deeper understanding of American culture, history and society
  • the educational, cultural and social experience of a year abroad
  • the ability to recognise, represent and reflect on ideas and concepts from other cultures and periods, and to analyse texts within their historical, social and cultural context
  • the skills you need to learn independently and to clearly communicate what you have learnt.

Also refer to The Guardian: What to do with a degree in American studies? (8 January 2011)