Sussex Centre for American Studies

Research seminars

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Tuesday 3 Oct., 4–6pm       
American Studies Research Roundtable
Arts A A108

Monday 16 Oct., 4–6pm
Reproductive Justice in the Trump Era: A Panel with Clodagh Harrington (De Montfort) and Alex Waddan (Leicester)
Arts A A108

Tuesday 7 Nov., 5–7pm
The Black Lives Matter Movement in the UK Today: An Activist Panel co-sponsored by HAHP
Arts A A1

Wednesday 15 Nov., 5–7pm
Cécile Roudeau (Paris 7—Diderot), "Beyond Stateless Literature: Herman Melville, Sarah Orne Jewett and the Rewriting of the Revolutionary Narrative." with English Colloquium
Jubilee 144

Thursday 16 Nov., 4–6pm
Nicholas Grant (East Anglia), “Rethinking Black Internationalism: Activism in the Age of the Cold War” with History Work in Progress
Arts A A108

Wednesday 22 Nov., 5–7pm
Jane Elliott (KCL), “Iterations of the Microeconomic Mode” with English Colloquium
Jubilee 144

Tuesday 5 Dec., 4–6pm
Robin James (UNC Charlotte), “Noisy Feminists, Neoliberal Sophrosyne, and Lemonade’s Demonic Calculus”
Fulton 107