Development and Alumni Relations

What is the Sussex Fund?

The Sussex Fund helps and supports students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty. It provides scholarships to ensure the brightest minds can study at Sussex irrespective of their economic background and it gives opportunities to enrich the student experience on campus.

This invaluable work is only made possible thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends of the University, who have given almost £340,000 over the last two years. Please read below to find out how these donations are changing lives.

The Greatest Needs

Supporting the Greatest Needs enables Sussex to balance the allocation of funds in the most beneficial way for our students. The educational landscape is constantly shifting, with state funding often changing and students’ needs shifting as new technologies are introduced.

Having unrestricted funding allows the Sussex Fund to respond to these changes quickly and in the most effective ways possible. In the past, donations to the Greatest Needs have helped to fund the development of the award winning student radio URF and sustain our Learning to Lead project: a fully-funded and competitive leadership training programme which increases our graduates’ employability.

By supporting the Greatest Needs you will be ensuring that Sussex students are given all the support they need to succeed, in and out of the classroom.

Hardship and Opportunities

We believe that no one should be forced to leave Sussex because of their financial situation. Sadly though, each year many students find they are subjected to circumstances beyond their control, where financial considerations force them to abandon their studies before completing or graduating. That is why this fund provides support for both undergraduates and postgraduates who find themselves in unforeseen financial difficulties through no fault of their own.

Since it began, the Hardship and Opportunities Fund has supported overseas students whose funding has run out because of conflicts in their home countries; domestic students who have had a family member taken ill and need to meet travel costs; and students who desperately need financial support to attend an overseas school trip.

By supporting the Hardship and Opportunities Fund you will be ensuring that all Sussex students have the same chance of success.

Scholarships and Grants

Our undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships reward merit, giving outstanding students the opportunity to excel regardless of their background or resources. These awards support and reinforce the Sussex values of freedom of thought and enterprise, and help to nurture the next generation of big thinkers who will go on to make a positive difference in the world.

We are also committed to helping existing students fulfil their potential, even when their financial circumstances may not allow for it. For example, last year our postgraduate travel grants helped over 100 students present their work at international conferences, enhancing their time studying and boosting the University’s international profile.

It is because of this commitment and support that Sussex is currently ranked 4th in the UK for research excellence. Donations towards the Scholarships and Bursaries fund will help us to continue producing some of the most exciting and ground-breaking research currently being undertaken.


Please see our legacies page for more information about leaving a gift in your will to Sussex.


How is the money raised?

Our annual telephone fundraising campaign employs a group of current Sussex students in the spring and the autumn to call and speak to Sussex alumni. The calling is managed internally and the students enjoy the opportunity to talk with people about their experiences at Sussex and beyond.

We also raise awareness and support for the Sussex Fund through email and postal appeals to alumni.

How much money is raised each year?

This year our alumni generously pledged £210,000 in the telephone campaign.

Does the University qualify for Gift Aid?

Yes, as an exempt charity the University can claim back 25p for every pound you give, as long as you are a UK taxpayer. Please click here for more information about Gift Aid.

Will my gift be acknowledged?

All supporters will be thanked in our Roll of Donors, unless we are instructed otherwise.

Are single one-off gifts more useful, or does the University prefer regular recurring donations?

We are very grateful for all the support we receive. The only real difference is that regular donations allow us to plan our work for the future and budget more effectively, safe in the knowledge that we have a reliable source of income we can depend on. This allows the Sussex Fund to be more ambitious with the initiatives we support, which in turn benefits our students

Support US

Thank you to the growing number of alumni and friends who support the Sussex Fund every year. Your continued support allows us to offer increasing numbers of scholarships, sports and hardship bursaries and other support activities that enhance our students’ lives during their time at Sussex. If you would like to make a gift that has the potential to change the lives of our students

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