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Year 12 students celebrate their Sussex Study Experience

16 May 2018

Sixth form students from Sussex and London came together to mark the end of this year's Sussex Study Experience programme.

Obituary: Cam Matheson (1942-2017)

11 May 2018

Cam established the Sussex Mandela Scholarship during his time as Student's Union President in the early 1970s.

Sussex students celebrate a run of sporting success

10 May 2018

Sussex students are celebrating the end of the sporting season with a run of victories in the past fortnight.

StartUp Sussex and Social Impact Prize winners announced

4 May 2018

The winners of the annual competition included student Molly Masters who was awarded £10,000 to help develop her book subscription service.

A river runs through Brighton Festival premiere on campus

1 May 2018

One of the highlights of this year’s Brighton Festival is Professor Ed Hughes' new orchestral work inspired by an East Sussex river landscape.

Sussex students celebrate a run of sporting success

27 April 2018

Sussex students have won the top prizes at a number of national sporting events this month.

Football makes fans less happy

23 April 2018

Football causes fans more pain than pleasure, new University of Sussex research suggests.

‘Rip Van Winkle’ plants hide underground for up to 20 years

20 April 2018

Scores of plant species are capable of living dormant under the soil for up to 20 years, enabling them to survive through difficult times.

Scientist returns home with event designed to inspire Rwanda’s young

16 April 2018

  A University of Sussex scientist has returned to her homeland to inspire a new generation to follow in her footsteps. Dr Marie-Fabrice...

Sussex alumna, 31, is Botswana’s youngest-ever government minister

10 April 2018

A former University of Sussex economics student has become Botswana’s youngest-ever government minister.

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