Sussex Africa Centre

Seminars and workshops

Sussex Africa Centre events - Spring Term 2018


Tuesday 20 February 
The Arts of Oil: Dis/Enchantment and Popular Culture in Port Harcourt
David Pratten, University of Oxford

3-5pm  Arts C333    Joint with Dept of Anthropology                    


Tuesday 27 February
Plantain Island Sirens:  Tales of Seduction and Entrapment from
Coastal Sierra Leone
Jenny Diggins, Oxford Brookes University

3-5pm  Arts C333   Joint with Dept of Anthropology


Wednesday 7 March 
A Frontier No More: The Trading Infrastructure of Somali Business People in China
Emma Lochery, University of Liège

1-2.30 Arts C333   Joint with Sussex Asia Centre


Friday 9 March          
New Insights into Zimbabwe Politics

‘The Zimbabwean military and the non-coup’
Blessing Miles Tendi, University of Oxford

‘The politics of hyperinflation and finance’
Tinashe Nyamunda, University of Cambridge

3.30-5.30pm  Fulton 113


Tuesday 20 March   
Taken for a Ride: Grounding Neoliberalism, Precarious Labour and Public Transport in an African Metropolis
Matteo Rizzo, SOAS

3-5pm  Arts C333  Joint seminar with Dept of Anthropology


Tuesday 10 April
African Popular Cultures workshop

Fulton 103, Fulton G15 and Dhaba Cafe
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Wednesday 25 April
The Politics of Things: Digital Media, Urban Space and the Materiality of Civic Engagement in Zambia  
Wendy Willems, LSE  

4-5.30 pm Fulton 213  Joint seminar with MFM