Andrew and Virginia Rudd Centre for Adoption Research and Practice

Research funding

Research Grants: Awarded

Harold, G. T., Livingstone, S., Perez-Vallejos, E., Ford, T., Sonuga-Barke, E., Hollis, C. (2018-2022). The Nurture Network: Promoting Young People’s Mental Health in a Digital World. UKRI-Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (£1,249,969).

Harold, G. T., Hampden-Thompson, G., Watters, C., Cassell, J. (2017-2022). Developing an Integrated and Interdisciplinary Practice-Based Training Model aimed at Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Children, Parents and Families. Rudd Family Foundation (£1.5 million).

Harold, G. T., Hampden-Thompson, G. (2015). An evaluation of the AdOpt parenting programme. National Implementation Service (NIS) and Department for Education (DfE), (£202,000).

Harold, G. T., Thapar, A., Leve, L. D., Neiderhiser, J. (2015-2016). Utilising adoption-based research designs to examine the interplay between family relationship processes and child developmental outcomes. Economic and Social Research Council, (£199,605).

Harold, G. T. (2015). Updating the CAFCASS Cymru Child and Adolescent Welfare Assessment Checklist (CC-CAWAC). The Welsh Government, (£4,990).

Harold, G. T. (2015). Establishing a new pregnancy cohort longitudinal study of children and parents: Feasibility for assessment of mothers and children conceived through IVF. Tomsk State University/Russian Academy of Sciences, (£21,000)

Harold, G. T. (2015-2016). Implementing a parent support programme aimed at improving psychological outcomes for child witnesses of domestic abuse. Barnardos Wales (£80,000).

Sellers, R., Harold, G. T. (2016-2019). Examining family processes as a mechanism for the intergenerational transmission of risk for depression and aggression in children and adolescents. The Economic and Social Research Council Future Leaders Initiative, (£135,992)