Andrew and Virginia Rudd Centre for Adoption Research and Practice

Andrew & Virginia Rudd and Prof Gordon HaroldAndrew & Virginia Rudd (left, centre) and Gordon Harold (right)


The Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Programme is a newly established programme located at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge and delivered in partnership with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) at the University of Sussex. 

More information about the Rudd Programme can be found here.

Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Centre

The Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Programme is a research-intensive initiative that engages state-of-the-art scientific and practice-based advances to inform knowledge of how family, school and community factors influence children’s development, with a core focus on improving understanding of how supports may be offered early to those most vulnerable and at-risk. While the Centre has at its core a research focus to its primary activities, it has a bottom-line practice and policy purpose to its output.

The primary mission of the Rudd programme is to advance new knowledge and insights into the psychological, social, individual, educational and community-based processes that underlie positive developmental outcomes for children and young people, The Rudd Programme will establish a new interdisciplinary research-led teaching and professional practice training programme for students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and relevant professionals with interests in the areas of child-adolescent development, mental health, and education.

Professor Gordon Harold is the Director of the Rudd Centre at the University of Cambridge and holds an honorary appointment at BSMS.

Dr Ruth Sellers is the Deputy Director of the Rudd Centre at BSMS University of Sussex, and an Associate Lecturer at the University of Cambridge.



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