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Guidance for mentees

Learn more about the personal and professional benefits of mentoring.

What mentoring can offer

Mentoring can have many personal and professional benefits at any stage of your career. Benefits reported by mentees include:

  • a supportive relationship in which to explore professional challenges
  • confidential and objective discussions
  • new insights and the ability to view things from different perspectives
  • guidance from a more experienced colleague
  • constructive feedback that challenges you to adopt new ways of thinking
  • tailored support appropriate to your situation
  • space to think about longer term development

Dr Sarah Garfinkel on mentoring and her promotion

What mentoring can't offer

It is important to have realistic expectations of what your mentor can and can’t support you with. This should form part of your initial discussion with your mentor.

Mentoring and professional challenges 

If you go into a mentoring relationship expecting your mentor to solve your problems, you will be disappointed. The best solutions to your challenges will come from within you. Your mentor will help you find them by listening to you, asking you questions, exploring a range of perspectives and where appropriate sharing their own experiences.

Mentoring as a guide to action

Mentoring is distinct from management in that you, as the mentee, direct the relationship. Your mentor should not point you towards any particular course of action. The only agenda the mentor has is to support you in your development – wherever that may lead.

Mentoring and specialist advice

Your mentor will not be in a position to offer specialist support such as therapy, legal advice, careers guidance, or a medical diagnosis. That said, your mentor may be able to help you find out where to access specialist information or support, but should not be expected to provide advice on areas beyond their expertise.

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What mentees say

“I realised I could apply for a promotion, learn how it was done, and feel confident.”

Dr Raquel Arribas

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