Finance Division

Finance Systems

The Finance Systems team are located in Sussex House, and are responsible for the administration and support of the following:

  • The Finance System: Used by 2,700 staff around campus for expenses, purchasing, reporting and sales ordering. Plus interfaces (data coming in from other systems such as Student systems).

  • Proactis: Supplier relationship management, contract management and tendering, e-marketplace, punchout.

  • WPM Payments: The provider we use to take card payments.

  • WPM Online Shop: The provider we use to offer a branded online shop. If you have products, services or courses that are on sale to the public please contact us to set up an online shop product suite at

  • BIB (Barclays Internet Banking): used for making internal and external payments.

  • BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services): used by Finance, Alumni and Payroll to make payments and collect Direct Debits.

If you have a query on any of the above, please contact the Finance Service Desk on Ext 7172. The helpdesk phone lines are open from 8.30am - 5pm

Alternatively, you can email the Finance Service Desk at, please note this email can only be used from University of Sussex or BSMS email addresses.

Staff Information

Head of Finance Systems: Sarah Walker

T. 01273 877298


Finance Systems Lead (Transactions & User Experience): Keren Flack 

T. 01273 872533


Service Desk Manager: Leah Pillay  

T. 01273 678421


P2P Systems Analyst: Dave Pritcher  

T. 01273 877157


Systems Administrator: Umaima Salim 

T. 01273 678285


Systems Analyst: Michelle Robertson 


Service Desk Analyst: Sara Hutson

T. 01273 877228