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Find out how to run reports in the Finance System.

Useful forms and guides


Virements Policy [PDF 156.17KB]


Delegated Authority Set-Up

New User Access Form (Non-Finance) [DOCX 36.89KB]


Managing Your Budgets Guide [PDF 264.98KB]

For information on the coding structure used in the Finance System: Finance Coding Structure [PDF 132.58KB]

If you need to get access to budget reports please contact the Finance Service Desk: 

Finance systems access and financial literacy training



1. Where can I find reports to help me manage my budget?

Log in to the Finance System. In the main menu, navigate to Reports then Budget Reports. From here, you can select a report, fill in the search criteria and click search to run the report. If you cannot see the report you need, contact the Finance Service Desk at 

For Research Reports, navigate to Reports, Budget Reports, and then Research. If you do not have access to this but think you should have, please email the Finance Service Desk at

2. How do I export reports into Excel?

There is an export button on each report at the bottom of the screen. Press this button and a pop up window will appear. Select your browser. Save your report and it will download in the browser. Open the report and use the + and – buttons in the top left corner to expand and contract the information.

If you require further help please contact the Finance Service Desk at

3. How do I drill down into the detail of a report in the Finance System?

You can drill down to further detail where you see a + button at the beginning of a row.

Once you have drilled down to the account code level, you can view transactions for a selected account by selecting the appropriate link. A second report will appear giving you the underlying transactions. Where there are invoices, you can click on the transaction numbers for copies.

You can access further links when you drill down on commitments, which display invoice information and purchase order information.

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at

4. How do I see the invoice behind a transaction in the Finance System?

Once you have drilled down to the list of individual transactions against a subproject, click on the transaction number and you will see a scanned copy of the invoice/expense/attachment.

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at

5. How do I find the right subproject code to run a report?

You can click on the 'field help' box (the box with the three dots next to the subproject field) and enter any details you have into the search fields. For example, if you enter ‘Jones’ the System will display all subprojects containing the word ‘Jones’. Alternatively, you can click search to display a whole department list.

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at

Commitments and funds checker

1. What is a commitment?

A commitment is an agreement to pay money at a future date. For example, commitments are created in the System when a requisition is raised because once an order is placed, the University is financially committed to make payment.

The reports will show the different types of commitments on the finance system, these include:

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Expenses and purchasing card transactions not approved

Commitments help budget holders to manage their budgets by providing a view on what they have available to spend.

2. How do I remove a commitment from my budget?

Commitments transition to actual expenditure in the Finance System when goods have been receipted and matched to an invoice, or when an expense claim is authorised.

In order to remove an expense claim commitment, the claimant must delete the claim on the Finance System. In order to remove a purchase order commitment, the purchase order must be closed on the Finance System (a purchase order should not be closed if there are still invoices to be matched against it).

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at

3. How do I know if there is enough budget for a purchase? 

The Committed Spend vs. Budget – Funds Check report shows you your actual and committed spend compared to your budget by looking at the funds available to spend. This report displays all expenditure where the amounts are available to spend; therefore, this report does not contain payroll expenditure.

You can access this report from the main menu in the Finance System by clicking on Reports, Budget Reports and Committed Spend vs. Budget – Funds Check.

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at

4. How do I make sure my budget isn't overspent as purchasing card and out of pocket expenses don't show up as commitments? 

Purchasing card transactions only show as a commitment against budget once the transaction has been authorised. Out of pocket expense claims are reflected as a commitment as soon as the claim is submitted.

This means that you will need to discuss purchasing with those who are spending against your budget in this way to ensure you have sufficient control.

Delegated authority 

1. How do I set up a delegated authority to cover my financial responsibilities when I am away from the University?

If you are an approver for a sub-project with a designated approval group, your tasks will still go the other group members in your absence. You will only need to set up a delegate if you are a single approver on a sub-project. Please note that you remain ultimately responsible for these actions.

To set up a delegated authority, complete the Delegated Authority Set-Up form and email it to the Finance Service Desk at who will arrange authorisation and set-up on the system.

2. How do I activate a delegated authority on the Finance System?

Once your named delegated authority has been added to your account, you can activate it by logging into the Finance System.

From the Home screen, select Activate your substitutes. From the drop-down menu, select Activate my substitute. Click Add. Select your delegated authority from the drop-down list, then enter the Valid from and Valid until dates i.e. the dates you are away. Click Save.

Please note that all task will be sent to you and your delegated authority during the selected dates.

If you require further help, please contact the Finance Service Desk at