Academic Quality and Partnerships

Quality Guide

Section 1 - Introduction

1.1  About the Quality Guide

1.2  External developments in higher education quality

Section 2 - Curriculum development and Periodic Review  

2.1  Academic Framework 2018/19 

2.2  Annual academic development cycle 

       A summary of key timescales and committee dates for all curriculum development activity. 

2.3  Academic Development Handbook 

       Guidance on processes for new course development, validation and curriculum change.

2.4  Periodic Review Handbook

2.5  Sussex Choice: frequently asked questions

       Please see the ADQE web pages on Sussex Choice.

2.6  Briefing notes for chairs of validation panels 

Section 3 - Examination and Assessment

3.1  Principles of Assessment and Feedback at the University of Sussex 

3.2  Marks Calendar 2016/17

       A schedule of examination board key dates and deadlines for the coming academic year.

3.3  Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (under development)

3.4  Suitability to practise 

3.5  Reasonable Adjustments policy and process:

      Reasonable Adjustment Flowchart and Approval table 2016/17

      Reasonable Adjustments guidance for alternative modes and variant papers

3.6  Examination and assessment: frequently asked questions

       Please see the ADQE web pages on examination and assessment.

3.7  Exceptional circumstances: frequently asked questions  

       Please see the ADQE web pages on exceptional circumstances claims.

3.8  Study Abroad: frequently asked questions

        Please see the ADQE web pages on study abroad.

3.9  E-Submission and E-Feedback (ESEF)

         Please see the ADQE web pages on e-submission and e-feedback

Section 4 - Quality Enhancement

4.1  Annual Course Review Handbook 

4.2  Academic Advising Policy

4.3  Attendance, Engagement and Absence Policy

4.4  Quality Enhancement Strategy

4.5  Professional development for teaching and learning

         Please see the ADQE web pages for the PGCertHE and Starting to Teach

4.6  Peer Observation Policy 

       Peer Observation Forms 

Section 5 - Partnership 

5.1  Schedule of current partners

5.2  Partner Handbook

      Please see the ADQE web pages on the Partner Handbook.

5.3  Partnership Tutor role descriptor 

Section 6 - Appendices

6.1 Approved list of Directors of Teaching and Learning and Directors of Student Experience

6.2 Director of Teaching and Learning role description

6.3 Director of Student Experience role description


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