Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Assistive Technology for Students

This page provides links to guidance on how to change settings on your computer, and to software that you may wish to use. There is also information about reasonable adjustments and who to contact for more help and support.

Your computer has built in accessibility settings. Below you will find links to how to access these for both Windows and macOS. There is also a link to guidance on how to make technology work for you and a series of videos on YouTube demostrating how to access and use many of the features on your devices.

You will hopefully already be aware of what reasonable adjustments you have for your assessments. Below you will find some more information about how these are applied if they are time based adjustments. Remember if you have any doubt or questions, speak to your tutors, school office or the Student Support Unit.

  • Distance Examinations (DEX): In the distance exam, you will be given your allowed time for completeing the exam, it will be up to you to be aware of and account for your own reasonable adjustment. For example, if the exam is 2 hours and you have 25 percet extra time, then you simply add 30 minutes to your total time.

  • Take Away Papers (TAPs), Computer Examinations (Canvas Quizzes) and Multiple Choice Questions (Canvas Quizzes): In these types of assessmnents your adjustment is included in the allowed time.

  • Other types of adjustment: If you have any other type of adjustment, or any further questions about how it will work, speak to your tutor, school office or the Student Support Unit.

As all your assessment are now online, you may be doing things through Canvas that you haven't done before. To help you we have created guidance, going through how to submit to each different type of assignment. Below you will find links to this guidance as well as mock submission points, through which you can make sure that any assistive technology you use will work during you exam.

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