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SensusAccess is a service provided by the University that allows you to convert files into alternate formats. It can help convert inaccessible or tricky documents into more accessible formats.

Convert your files using SensusAccess

You can use SensusAccess to convert scanned PDF documents, pictures of text captured with your smartphone as well as PowerPoint presentations into formats that are more useful for you or easier to work with. You can convert your readings, slides and lecture notes into formats such as:

  • MP3 files
  • E-books
  • Digital Braille books
  • Structured audio books in DAISY and e-books with media overlay 

It can also help if you are having difficulties accessing printed text, foreign language text or if you want to make your readings available when you will not have an internet connection. 

Using the web form, you simply:

  1. Upload your document to SensusAccess
  2. Select how you want it converted;
  3. and Enter your email address

Once your document is ready, you will receive an email in your inbox.

Convert your files using SensusAccess

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