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Digital accessibility - needs

On this page you'll find some examples of the types of challenges your students may face depending on their individual needs. Use the links provided to find out how to improve your resources accordingly.

  • Possible cause: Physical disability, temporary physical disability (ie. through surgery or accident).

  • Supporting technologies: Keyboard access, switch access, voice control, mobile device.

  • What you can do: Use structured headings, check resources work on mobile.

  • Possible cause: Autism Spectrum Conditions such as Asperger's Syndrome, temporary or ongoing mental health condition or specific learning differences such as dyslexia.

  • Supporting technologies: Organisational tools, mindful tools.

  • What you can do: Provide materials ahead of the session, reduce use of technical language and jargon where appropriate when introducing content.

  • Possible cause: Deafness, temporary hearing loss, English as a second language.

  • Supporting technologies: Lecture recordings, flipped classroom, interpreter, Subtitles on video content.

  • What you can do: Record video content using Panopto which will create automatic captioning on your videos. Use YouTube to automatically caption videos, use to automatically transcribe audio content.

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