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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Ethics Review Process

If you need ethics approval for your research you must apply via the online ethics review system on Sussex Direct (Log in, then click on 'research' and then 'ethical reviews'.

The 'how to' videos below will help you complete your application:

Help text is also available in the online form and you can also download the User Guide for Online Ethical Review Application System


Section A of the form has a checklist which will determine whether your application is low or high risk. Section B considers low risk applications and Section C considers high risk.

  • Low risk applications will be reviewed at School level by your Supervisor and School Research Ethics Officer (SREO). Applications will first be authorised your Supervisor or Course Convenor, and then reviewed by your school's SREO. All applications should be submitted on Sussex Direct.
  • High-risk applications will be reviewed by your Supervisor and the Cross-Schools Ethics Committee for your school.
  • Applications from BSMS staff and students conducting non-clinical health related research involving healthy volunteers should be submitted to RGEC.