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Sciences & Technology Cross-Schools Research Ethics Committee (SCITEC)

The SCITEC C-REC is for the following Schools:
Life Sciences, Psychology, Engineering & Informatics, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

All ethical review applications are made via the University's online ethical review system in Sussex Direct

The SCI-TEC C-REC runs on a continuous cycle throughout the calendar year. The expectation is that applicants should receive a decision within 28 days of submission. A decision means that the application is either:

  1. Returned for revision - the application and/or supporting documents require amendment in response to reviewer feedback
  2. Conditionally approved - the application is approved on the condition that minor corrections are made to supporting documents/or certain actions are completed before the research commences.
  3. Approved
  4. Not approved

For any COVID-19 studies requiring priority ethics review, please contact with your request.

School Research Ethics Officers (SREOs)

SREOs are responsible for the review of low risk Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught research only.

School SREO
Engineering & Informatics, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Professor Peter Cheng
Life Sciences Professor Tony Carr
Psychology Dr Matthew Easterbrook
Psychology Professor Nicola Yuill
Psychology Dr Elian Fink
Psychology Dr John Maude
Psychology Dr Giulia Poerio


Cross School Research Ethics Committee Members (C-REC)
Name Role School
Dr Bryan Singer Chair Psychology
Dr Pablo Romero-Sanchiz Deputy Chair Psychology
Dr Matthias Gobel Member Psychology
Dr Roberto Gutierrez Member Psychology
Dr Raquel Nogueira Arjona Member Psychology
Dr Pablo Romero-Sanchiz Member Psychology
Dr Rona Hart Member Psychology
Professor Tony Carr Member Life Sciences
Dr Alex Stuart Member Life Sciences
Dr Ronald Grau Member Engineering and Infomatics
Dr Alexandre Rodrigues Member Engineering and Infomatics
Alyce Fraser Lay Member  


Senior Ethics Officer -   Lauren Shukru -

T+44 (0)1273 877492

Applying to the Sci-Tec C-REC

All applications are made through the online ethical review system in Sussex Direct. Find out how to apply.

Appeals against decisions of a C-REC

The University Research Ethics and Integrity Committee (UREIC) has the responsibility to hear appeals against the ethical review decision of a C-REC in the event that all reasonable dialogue between the Committee and the researcher has failed to reach a suitable outcome. Please contact the Senior Ethics Officer for further information.

Appeals relating to the decisions of supervisors or School Research Ethics Officers (SREOs) should be dealt with in the relevant School of study.