Finance Division


The Insurance Manager is responsible for:

  • Arranging and placing insurance to cover all interests and activities of the University
  • Liaison between insurers and members of University staff on all related matters


Authorisation of Travel

In accordance with FCO guidance, only trips which are deemed essential by the University will be insured.

International travel is currently at the discretion of Heads of School or Division and requires their approval or the approval of a member of staff to whom this authority has been delegated by the Head of School or Division.

Details can be found on the Health & Safety Covid-19 Resources webpage.

Insurance Applications

If you are applying for insurance, you are confirming that your trip has been authorised as essential University business.


COVID exclusion: 

New trips

For any trips commencing on or after 1 August 2020, there is no cover for Cancellation, Curtailment or Change of Itinerary for claims caused (directly or indirectly) by any Coronavirus, including but not limited to, Covid-19Medical Expenses cover will not be affected by this but please note the Country of Residence exclusion below**). PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU BOOK TRAVEL FLEXIBLY WHERE POSSIBLE.

Special care should be taken to check that you would be able to enter the overseas country. If a traveller were turned away (i.e. because the Foreign Government regulations meant they were not allowed in or to fly), then the Cancellation/Curtailment cover would not apply. There is no cover for quarantine costs.

Existing trips

For any trips already in progress, please note that ongoing accommodation costs and increased repatriation costs due to border closures imposed by any  Government or local authority will not be covered.


Ongoing Fieldworkers wishing to extend insurance cover beyond 1 August must be aware that travel and accommodation costs caused by Covid-19 will no longer be covered. The School or Division need to be made aware of these potential costs when approving the extension. Medical expenses will still be covered. (NB: Please note the Country of Residence exclusion below**)

**Medical expenses in country of residence exclusion. Medical expenses in country of residence are not covered. Country of residence is defined as the country in which you have resided for the last 12 months or more.

Eligibility criteria

Criteria for access to the University Travel Insurance scheme remains as follows:

  • Staff and Research post graduates travelling on University business
  • All undergraduates on a field trip organised by the University and accompanied by University staff and which is a compulsory part of the students' degree course
  • Taught post graduates on a field trip or business trip, which is a compulsory part of the course
  • Emeritus Professors where they are employed as Associate Tutors or Research Collaborators and/or using devolved University funds or School funds for travel, with the authorisation of the Head of School.
Further Questions

Please email:


Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for all University business travel that involves either an overseas trip, or an overnight stay in the UK. Members of staff or students must arrange travel insurance through the University.

More information can be found on our Travel Insurance web page. Alternatively, you can speak to your School/Division Co-ordinator or Administrator.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact the Finance Service Desk at (using your University of Sussex email account) or call them on 01273 877172, ext 7172 (telephone support is available for urgent enquiries from 8.30am to 5pm).

Insurance Policies, Information and Procedures - Main types of Cover

Insurance Certificates

Other Insurance Cover

  • Money
  • Business interruption
  • Contractors all risks
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Deterioration of stock (foodstuffs)
  • Governors liability
  • Pension trustees liability
  • Engineering insurance
  • Engineering inspection contract

Contact Details

Insurance Manager
Joanne Rogers

01273 873934

University of Sussex
Room 203, Sussex House
East Sussex

Brexit - Driving in the EU

If you will be driving in the EU you may require a Green Card. Please contact the Insurance Manager to arrange this on, 01273 873934.

Brexit - European Health Insurance Cards

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, European Health Insurance Cards will no longer be valid, therefore individuals travelling on University business must apply for University travel insurance, as per the University’s Purchasing Policy.