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Doctoral School

As a doctoral student at the University of Sussex, you are supported by the Doctoral School, a central structure that works across all Schools of Study to support over 1,100 doctoral students. We offer guidance, training and development as well as access to scholarships and other funding opportunities for UK and international students.

Funding & scholarships

The Doctoral School supports doctoral scholarships in cooperation with the UK research councils for UK and EU PhD students, and provide advice on eligibility critera and the application process. We work closely with a range of partner organisations to support scholarships for international students. PhD students can also search for funding by country.

See the Doctoral School funding pages for more detailed advice on funding and supporting information for funding applications.

We are also the first point of contact for national and international HE institutions and funding bodies, businesses, and third sector organisations for the development of collaborative studentships.

Researcher Development Programme

The Doctoral School Researcher Development Programme offers doctoral and early career researchers year-round, essential research skills training to help you succeed with your doctorate and prepare for your future. Research skills training forms the core of the programme, in addition to a comprehensive range of personal and professional development opportunities.

Our programmes are structured and organised according to level of experience, from new to experienced doctoral and early career researchers. We deliver  live workshops as well as online training, so that you can access the training you need in the format that works best for you.

If you are nearing completion of your doctoral studies, please visit the Research Staff Development pages for information about postdoctoral research.

International support

The Doctoral School coordinates support for international postgraduate students, from making your first arrangements through to completion and career development beyond your doctorate. We offer guidance to international PhD students on applications and funding, as well as assisting with access to the university-wide support structures that can help you make the most of your time at Sussex.

Please see our international landing page for further information.

In conjunction with the university’s International Partnership Office, the Doctoral School plays a key role in the development of international partnerships  to encourage international collaboration and support the broadening of studentships offered to international doctoral students.

Research Student Administration Office

The Research Student Office at the Doctoral School helps ensure the provision of high quality postgraduate education by providing advice and information for current postgraduate research students, academic staff and professional services colleagues across the University. We monitor and record the academic progress and assessment of all research students, process changes in students' status, administer the examination process from thesis submission to the viva outcome, and provide advice to international research students.

We also manage admissions for postgraduate research students in partnership with the university's schools, providing students and staff with a single point of contact for all the administration associated with the student's journey from initial application through to graduation.

Contact us: +44 (0)1273 87 7767 or email