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Student Mentors

Find out about Student Mentors based in the school and how they can help you.

About Student Mentors

Student Mentors are undergraduate and postgraduate students who have experienced the same worries and difficulties of studying and have been trained to support other students through the University's peer-led Mentoring Scheme.

What they do

Student Mentors can help you with a range of academic issues, helping you develop your study skills. Support is provided via email or during drop-in sessions held twice a week.

Mentors share their own experience and skills, along with signposting existing services which you might find helpful.

Mentors can help with:

  • revision skills and planning
  • essay structuring
  • help with presentations
  • time management.

Who they are

All Student Mentors are studying in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology as either undergraduate or postgraduate students.

They have been through the same experiences of getting to grips with studying at Sussex and are passionate about their subject and helping others.

All Student Mentors have been trained and work closely with staff in departments and across Sussex.

Being a Student Mentor is also a part-time job – they all get paid for the work they do.

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How do you contact a Student Mentor?

To contact a Student Mentor, email

Law Module Mentors

Module Mentors are second- and third-year undergraduates who have been trained to facilitate study sessions for a particular module. They have all studied the module in previous years.

What they do

Module Mentors host study sessions for between 10 and 20 first-years at a time. They facilitate learning of the weeks’ reading, seminar and lecture content, encouraging first-year students to work together and help each other understand the module content. Sessions are held weekly/fortnightly (tbc), in both face-to-face and online format.

The Module Mentors won’t teach any new material and won’t answer all the questions about the content, but they provide a safe environment for first-years to ask any questions and they form a bridge between students and their tutors.

Who they are

Module Mentors are second- and third-year undergraduates who understand and have studied the module (Tort Law 1) and where first-years can get stuck. They are all eager to aid the learning of others.

They work closely with the staff in the LPS school and the Academic Skills team.

Module Mentoring is a paid part-time job.