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Connecting to ResNet and wi-fi

Connecting to ResNet and wi-fi

If you use a Windows PC to connect to wi-fi or ResNet, you may need to make a small change to your settings following the security certificate changes on Thursday 22 March

The change is something that has to be made every few years. The security certificate used in our authentication system was due to expire and was replaced during the Easter vacation.

See also: Keycode for 24 hour access

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Find a computer to use on the campus.

Check the best way to work on files from email or how to recover documents after a crash.

Get the keycodes for 24 hour cluster rooms (login needed).


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Print from computer rooms on the campus or straight from your laptop.

Check your recent print jobs and account history or login to Sussex Direct to credit your printing account.


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Connect to the internet using wi-fi (eduroam) or cable connections in residences and other locations.

You can also check your network account including details of computers you have registered to use the Sussex networks.

More information about the eduroam network used at Sussex.


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Login to webmail or set up email on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry (PDF) device.

See our guide to the staff email system or our how to guides, including a detailed section on email.


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Get software for your own computer, find out more about the software on student and staff computers or see our pages about specific programs: SPSS, ArcGIS, Nvivo.


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Login to business applications such as Web reports or the online web forms which give access to the central database.

See also the useful guides to business applications at Sussex.


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We run a range of training courses in core software applications such as Microsoft Office and EndNote.


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Check details of the audiovisual services in teaching rooms on the campus. Staff can book a videoconference or find about desk-based videoconferencing services.

You can also record and watch television and radio with Box of Broadcasts (BoB).

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See our fact sheet for interesting statistics on the systems used at Sussex.

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