Doctoral School

Winter graduands

Congratulations to the 102 doctoral researchers whose degrees were conferred at the 2014-15 Winter Graduation ceremonies on Thursday 22nd January and Friday 23rd January 2015.

School of Education & Social Work

Doctor of Education

Akihiro Fushimi - School self evaluation for quality improvement: investigating the practice of the policy in Kenya

Julian Paul Hargreaves - Learning as participation in early clinical experience: its meaning for student physiotherapists

Jane Laura Jerrard - What does 'quality look like for post-2015 education provision in low-income countries? An exploration of stakeholders' perceptions of school benefits in village LEAP schools, rural Sindh, Pakistan

Rikio Kimura - Working with and between citizens and neo-patrimonial government: how has an NGO's contextualised rights-based approach influenced Cambodian's agency in fulfilling their rights to development?

Paolo Roberto Oprandi - Supporting learning autonomy and curriculum coverage in university teaching: three case studies of formative assessment

Yvonne Joy Pattisson - The influence of teacher identities on teachers' perspectives towards the incoming dual language policy in Abu Dhabi secondary schools

Michela Profeta - Pre-primary education policy between formulation and implementation: the case of Bangladesh

Robert Duncan Rosenthal - How does student teacher research contribute to knowledge creation within the secondary school context

Wehella Madura Mangalika - School-based management initiatives in Sri Lanka: policy into practice

Doctor of Philosophy

Claire Marie Bennett - Sexuality and the asylum process: the perspectives of lesbians seeking asylum in the UK

Janet Mary Dennett - Dreaming myself: combining dreams, autobiographical writing and psychotherapy in addressing narrative fracture

Rachael Elizabeth Matthews - Researching emotion and traumatic memory through creative writing and psychotherapy

Mark Andrew Radcliffe - What happens to bruised or damaged nurses?

Mark Everard Slater - Influence and originality in the creative writing process

Yuko Tsujita - Education, poverty and schooling: a study of Delhi slum dwellers

Denise Mary Turner - Telling the story: what can be learned from parents' experience of the professional response following the sudden, unexpected death of a child

Rebecca Clare Webb - Doing the rights thing: an ethnography of a dominant discourse of 'rights' in a primary school in England

Doctor of Social Work

Ann Anka - Assessment as the site of power: an interrogation of the involvement of 'others' in the assessments of social work students

School of Global Studies

Jennifer Louise Diggins - Slippery fish, material words: the substance of subsistence in coastal Sierra Leone

Synne Laastad Dyvik - Performing gender in the 'Theatre of War': embodying the invasion, counterinsurgency and exit strategy in Afghanistan

Mamdouh Kamal Hakim - 'Between hopelessness and ambivalence': young Egyptians, secondary schooling and the Arab Spring in urban Cairo

Deborah Victoria Humphry - Moving on? Experiences of social mobility in a mixed-class North London neighbourhood

Ole Johannes Kaland - Negotiating educational desire: migrant youths and aspirations in Shanghai, China

Jonathan Michael Benjamin Newman - Social networks and the narrating of violence among Colombian coffee farmers

Robert David Oakes - Using Q method and agent based modelling to understand hurricane evacuation decisions

Kwangwoo Park - Migration and integration in borderless village: social capital among Indonesian migrant workers in South Korea

Elisa Pascucci - Beyond depoliticisation and resistance: refugees, humanitarianism and political agency in neoliberal Cairo

Kirat Randhawa - Illness and healthcare experiences of recent low income international migrants in a UK city

Vesselina Ratcheva - Being nationalist: Identity within a post-Ottoman state

Achim Rosemann - Multipolar technoscience: clinical science collaborations in a changing world system

School of History, Art History and Philosophy

Angela da Conceicao Ferreira Campos - Shifting silence, enduring shame, ambivalent memories: an oral history of the Portuguese colonial war (1961 - 1974)

Fiona Jilliam Kirby - Troubled by life: the experiences of stress in twentieth century Britain

Maria Alexandra Popescu - Community of singularities: being-with in the work of Heidegger, Levinas and Derrida

Pervin Yigit - The political thought of John Brown: religion, reform and international relations

Institute of Development Studies

Maria Remei Lopez-Trueba - 'Looking at risk with both eyes': health and safety in the Cerro Rico of Potosi (Bolivia)

Graeme Edward Ramshaw - The power of perceptions: elites, opinion polling and the quality of elections in sub-Saharan Africa

Sabrina Snell - The Party-state, business and a half kilo of milk: a study of the dynamics of regulation in China's dairy industry

Stephen Whitfield - Negotiating an uncertain future: a multi-sited study of narratives of Kenyan agricultural climate change adaptation

School of Business, Management and Economics

Edgar Francis Appianti Cooke - Essays on trade preferences of the USA and exports of developing countries

Rachel Durrant - Civil society roles in transition: towards sustainable food?

Catherine Howe - Building civic architecture in cyberspace: digital civic spaces and the people who create them

Antonios Nikolaos Kalyvas - The impact of Business Regulations on bank performance in the European Union (2000-2010)

Yun Jeong Lee - Let them brew! Reflexivity, and division of labour in deliberation for science and technology governance

Omofolamihan Olaboye Malomo - An empirical study on the nature of corruption amongst Nigerian firms: causes, channels and detection

Mari Martiskainen - The Innovation of Community Energy in Finland and the United Kingdom

Giulia Mascagni - Tax revenue mobilization in Ethiopia

Caetano Penna - The co-evolution of societal issues, technologies and industry regimes - three case studies of the American automobile industry

Tammy-Ann Sharp - Exploring the potential impact of carbon, capture and storage technologies on the diversity of the UK Electricity System to 2050

Tanja Sinozic - Learning in clinical practice: findings from CT, MRI and PACS

Yoohyung Won - The systematic capacity for technological absorption (SCTA) and inward technology transfer (ITT): How some Korean Firms successfully exploit Russian technology?

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Muhammad Abdullahi Yau - Analysis of spatial dynamics and time delays in epidemic models

Abimbola Abolarinwa - Analysis of eigenvalues and conjugate heat kernal under the Ricci flow

Moteb Mojeb G Alqahtani - Multi-photon processes in cavity QED

Gemma Jayne Anderson - Constraining models of cosmological inflation

Christof Heuer - High-order compact finite difference schemes for parabolic partial differential equations with mixed derivative terms and applications in computational finance

Peter Donald Hurley - Untangling the physical components of galaxies using infrared spectra

Ting-Cheng Yang - Aspects of gravity in quantum field theory

School of Engineering & Informatics

Ahmad Alkandri - Design and performance assessment of correlation filters for the detection of objects in high clutter thermal imagery

Thana Cheepsomsong - On the dynamic analysis of engineering structures with high and low level random uncertainties

Fina Otosi Faithpraise - Sustainable control of infestations using image processing and modelling

Cassandra Gould - Individual differences in synaesthesia. Qualitative and RMLI investigations on the impact of synaesthetic phenomenology

Benjamin George Horsfall - Automated reasoning for reflective programs

Lasisi Salami Lawal - Economically sustainable public security and emergency network exploiting a broadband communications satellite

Nan Li - Development of a real-time cellular impedance analysis system

Bin Liu - Numerical Investigation and Evaluation of Applying PCCI Combustion in HSDI Diesel Engine

Gareth White - The playthrough evaluation framework: reliable usability evaluation for video games

School of Life Sciences

Youssra Al-Hilaly - Chemical and biochemical studies of dityrosine cross-link formation in amyloidogenic peptides

Gianluigi Bigio - Hygienic behaviour in honey bees

Peter Brownlee - Novel functions for the BAF180 tumour suppressor: insights from mammalian and yeast systems

Mihail Garbuzov - Helping the honeybee and other flower visiting insects in urban areas

Amy Jane Saunders - The development and chemistry of phosphacarbons and their derivatives

Owen Wells - Cellular and biochemical analyses of TDP1 mediated chromosomal break repair

School of Psychology

Anna-Marie Armstrong - Unconscious processing at the subjective threshold - semantic comprehension?

Katie Elizabeth Atwell - Psychological predictors of alcohol consumption among undergraduate students: developing intervention strategies

Valentina Cartei - Expression of gender in the human voice: investigating the 'gender code'

Nicolas Farina - Lifestyle factors and Alzheimer-type dementia: the link between exercise and cognitive change

Rebecca Mary Grist - Actualising therapy 2.0: Enhancing engagement with computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for common mental health disorders

Yiva Margareta Parfitt - The transition to parenthood: a prospective study of parental mental health, family relationships and infant development

Sandra Sanchez Roige - Exaggerated impulsivity: a cause or a consequence of adolescent repeated ethanol withdrawal

Wenceslao Mario Unanue - Materialism, personal well-being and environmental behaviour: cross-national and longitudinal evidence from the UK and Chile

Thomas David Wright - Towards a better understanding of sensory substitution: the theory and practice of developing visual-to-auditory sensory substitution devices

Jeremy Young - Cognitive and brain structural effects of long term high-effort endurance exercise in older adults: are there measurable benefits?

School of English

Khaled Albahri - A grammar of Hadari Arabic: a contrastive-typological perspective

Feras Alkabani - Orientalism between text and experience: Richard Burton, T E Lawrence and the changing discourse of sexual morality in the Arab East

Naomi Rebecca Booth - Swoon: The Art of Sinking

Francesco Di Bernardo - Politics, history and personal tragedies: The novels of Jonathan Coe in the British historical, political and literary context from the seventies to recent years

Puck Francis Fletcher - Space, spatiality, and epistemology in Hooke, Boyle, Newton, and Milton

Tanya Mary Elizabeth Izzard - E M Delafield and the feminist middlebrow

Michael Jones - Self-seeing in Paul Auster, Philip Roth and Don DeLillo

Carol Joy O'Neal - The acquisition of consonants in first language development

Catherine Pope - The regulation of female identity in the novels of Florence Marryat

School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Yinan Bao - When old principles face new challenges: a critical analysis of the principle of diplomatic inviolability

Erica Consterdine - Interests, Ideas and Institutions: Explaining Immigration Policy Change in Britain, 1997-2010

Lambros Fatsis - Making sociology public: A critical analysis of an old idea and a recent debate

Bugem Galip - The European Human Rights Law with emphasis on the Cyprus question: land claims and human rights arguments before the European Court of Human Rights

Eleftherios Zenerian - Work and sociality in Brighton's new media industry

School of Media, Film and Music

Anna Imogen Arrowsmith - Rethinking misogyny: men's perceptions of female power in dating relationships

Hanna Frances Baxter - The effect of Stravinsky's Ballets on the role of the conductor

Holly Anne Pamela Chard - Mainstream maverick? John Hughes and new Hollywood cinema

Brendan John Maartens - Recruitment for the British Armed Forces and Civil Defences: organising and producing 'advertising' 1913-63

Noel Jason Phillips - Diachronic representational change surrounding queer identities in British newspapers between 1976 and 2005

Michael John Riley - Representations of sexual practice and identity in men's prisons since the 1950s in the UK and the US


Doctoral School