• All work with radiation is to be performed according to the University of Sussex code of Practice SSC-48-1, and the worker requires a radiation licence.
  • All new staff must consult the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) before commencing work with radioisotopes.
  • All orders for isotopes must be notified to the RPS, and an "Application to Order Radionuclides" form completed.
  • All isotopes received must be entered in the yellow logbooks.
  • The approval of the RPS should be obtained before embarking on any new project involving isotopes (if in doubt, consult the Laboratory Head or RPS directly).
  • All radioactive waste returned to Biology Stores must be clearly labelled, indicating contents, signature, amount and date of return.
  • Laboratory coats and disposable gloves should be worn when using isotopes.
  • Disposal of isotopes - regulations available from RPS