Academic Development and Quality Enhancement

Students on Validated Courses

The University of Sussex Students' Union (USSU)

Students at partner institutions have access to the University of Sussex Students' Union at a small cost and are eligible to participate in:

  • Sports Clubs,
  • Societies,
  • Media Clubs,
  • Campaigns,
  • Volunteering. 

Partner institutions need to pay a fee for students to have access to the Students' Union. 

Additional information can be found online

Replacement & Duplicate Certificates

The University is responsible for producing replacement and duplicate certificates. Please apply for a certificate online

Partner institutions are responsible for producing transcripts. Transcript requests should be directed to the partner. 

Complaints & Appeals 

If you are experiencing a problem, you should raise it with your institution in the first instance:

BIMM: Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure 

Roffey Park: Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure 

Study Group: Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure 

University Centre Croydon: Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure 

West Dean College: Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure