Sussex Estates and Facilities

Portering and Logistics


All requests for reactive and ad hoc portering and other logistics services should be made through the Service Centre:

T: 7777 (external: 01273 87 7777)

A SALTO drop-in helpdesk (for support and information about building access keycards) is available at Jubilee Room 34, open weekdays from 8am to 10am and 1pm to 3pm. 

For mail and deliveries, visit the postal services page.

For residential portering, visit the residences page.

For waste and recycling, visit the waste services page.

There are a number of logistics facilities services - portering, mail, SALTO access and waste removal - that play an important role in keeping the University premises functioning. These services are provided by the SEF Logistics team, and are raised via the Service Centre.

The Logistics team (including porters) are available on weekdays from 7.30am to 4.30pm.

SALTO and access cards

Most doors and buildings on campus operate on a centralised keycard access system called SALTO. This allows campus users (staff, students, and visitors/contractors) access to all areas needed on a single card, usually a student or staff ID card.

SALTO access requests are managed by our dedicated logistics team, with requests delivered via the Service Centre.

To reactivate a SALTO card that has expired (typically from not being used for a while), simply tap an activation point at the entrance to your building. Most SALTO access readers on building entrances work as activation points.

Please be aware that this process does not apply in buildings where SALTO access is managed directly by the school, as follows. These are primarily sciences buildings with increased access sensitivity; please contact your school office for access cards in these buildings.

  • John Maynard Smith (JMS)
  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Teaching and Research
  • Genome Centre
  • Quantum Research (Accelerator)
  • CRPC
  • Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre (CISC)
  • Ancillary Buildings

To request a SALTO access card for spaces managed by the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), please complete the MPS SALTO request form to order a card directly from the school. 

Mail Services

  • We operate an internal mail service to all members of the University.
  • All student mail will be redirected to their accommodation address if the recipient lives on campus.

Furniture Moves

  • Our staff will move any item across the site within the bounds of the manual handling procedure.
  • This includes office furniture to facilitate office movements as required.

Space Information and Management

  • Space information is now managed by the University Estates Division, under Space Management and Masterplanning.
  • To request a change in space or a new area (e.g. requesting storage space, moving a team or staff member to a new office), please contact the Service Centre as normal who will provide a Space Changes & Moves Request Form.
  • Furniture moves are still provided by SEF Logistics.

General Teaching Space (GTS)

  • We oversee all general teaching spaces and keep up-to-date stocks of materials needed for the rooms. The cleaning team are responsible for setting up rooms prior to use.

Waste & Recycling

  • Our porters facilitate the handling of Waste and Recycling on campus. This includes moving waste to the external bin areas and keeping these areas clean and tidy.
  • Any ad-hoc requests for waste removal, for example to clear excessive waste generated in an area, packaging, or waste from a reorganisation, should be made to the Service Centre.


  • Porters unlock and lock external and common areas of use Monday to Friday, and liaise with the Security Office as necessary. The Security Team has mobile security officers providing 24/7 coverage which ensures that two mobile guards will be on patrol at all times. These officers carry out regular and random patrols including external checks of all residences and internal checks of those which do not have a 24-hour reception and portering service.
  • The night porters at residences have SIA accreditation and will carry out regular internal and external patrols.

Lost Property

  • Porters retain any lost property in the lodge for a short while prior to transporting to the Security Office.

Health and Safety

  • Porters report any relevant issues and to make sure that local safety rules are adhered to.
  • Porters act as Floor Wardens in the event of an evacuation.


  • We maintain a local register of keys, both main and spare, and will order in new keys as required.
  • If any staff are in need of key copies, contact the Service Centre.