Popular Science Overview

The Frontier of Computing – Quantum Technology Documentary (June 2015)

US Department of Energy Cyber Distinguished Lecture Series – Prof. Winfried Hensinger explains quantum computing. (August 2016)

University of Oxford Popular Science Lecture:

CGTN Documentary on quantum computing:

Interview with Prof Winfried Hensinger about quantum computing on CGTN:

Animation showing our quantum computing architecture:

BBC Click documentary on quantum computing:

Office of Naval Research Distinguished Lecture:

Rise of Quantum Technology Winfried Hensinger at TEDxSussexUniversity

BBC One, Inside Out, 31/10/2011, 7.30pm

Introduction to the IQT Group

Interview with Winfried Hensinger, UK Future TV

Video from the Physics World 25 anniversary special about 5 physics spin-offs that will change our lives (October 2013)

Winfried Hensinger: Scalable Ion Quantum Technology,
(Presented at QISW 2012 at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK. 29/03/2012)

Quantum Simulation

Quantum Simulation – Joe Randall

Careers Advice

Dr Zak Romaszko: Careers and Employability Interview,
(MPS, University of Sussex, 08/09/2020)