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Resources for appraisers and appraisees

Here you will find appraisal forms, guidance and other documents to support the appraisals process for all categories of staff.

If you have questions about any aspect of appraisals, read our staff appraisals FAQ or speak with your manager. 

Academic staff appraisals

Academic staff appraisal form

Academic appraisal guidance

School Appraisals Summary Form (For Head of School to complete)

Professional services staff appraisals (including new pilot scheme documents and guidance)

You should use the documents listed below if your school or professional service is not part of the new pilot appraisal scheme. For details of the new scheme, participating schools and professional services and how to get involved, please see the pilot scheme section.

Professional Services Staff Appraisal Form

Professional Services appraisal guidelines

At-a-glance unit appraisal plan guide

Sussex staff appraisal scheme policy

Professional Services summary form (for Head of Division to complete)

Sussex Staff Appraisal Scheme - Pilot 

We are piloting a new appraisal scheme during the 2018-2019 appraisal year. Alongside a focus on professional development, the new scheme enables appraisees to demonstrate their contribution to the University’s values and the Sussex 2025 strategic framework.

The new Competency Framework draws on the Association of University Administrators (AUA) model used in many universities, and is customised to support our career structures within Professional Services at Sussex. 

While the pilot is limited to Human Resources, the Business School and ITS, the new scheme and guidance documents are open to all should you wish to adopt them in place of the existing scheme.  

You can feedback on the new pilot the scheme by email or by completing a short survey. See the sidebar for details.

BSMS appraisal scheme for clinical academic staff

Clinical academics where the Honorary Clinical Contract is held with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust (BHSUT)

Please note 

  • the appraisal year runs 1 April to 31 March.
  • the window for appraisal meetings is 1 May to 31 January
  • appraisal training workshops will be held throughout the year. 

Contact the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Medical Appraisal and Revalidation team. Email or 01273 696955 ext.7288 if you have any queries.

Go here to schedule your appraisal. 

Clinical academics whose contract is with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Email Jenny James, HR Business Partner, for more information

For clinical academics where the Honorary Clinical Contract is held elsewhere other than with BSUHT

Please use the form and guidance below.

Technical staff appraisals

Technical staff appraisal guidence

Technical appraisal form

Technical staff competency table

Research staff appraisals

Research staff appraisal form

Research staff appraisal supporting information

Appraisal summary forms for Heads of Schools/Divisions

To be returned to Stuart Mclellan, Head of HR Business Partnering on an annual basis. Email

School Appraisals Summary Form

Professional Services summary form

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Feedback on the pilot appraisal scheme for Professional Services

We welcome all feedback on the new pilot scheme. Tell us about your experiences by emailing or take a short survey here