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Whether you're moving into management, facing new challenges or simply looking to update your knowledge and skills, our management development courses and resources are here to support you in your role at the University of Sussex.
See details of our current workshops below. To view the upcoming dates, please follow the link under each workshop to the booking page on Sussex Direct.

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Appraising Academics - the Sussex Scheme

Trainer: Peter Storr, The Psychological Manager Ltd

Duration: Three hours 

Time and date: To be confirmed

Course outline

To ensure consistency of understanding of the purpose and process of annual appraisal. To support participants in preparing for and conducting appraisal meetings

Who is it for?

For all academic staff appraisers who haven't yet received appraiser training

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Appraising Your Staff - for Professional Services Staff Appraisers

Trainer: Organisational Development team

Duration: Three hours 

Course outline

Delegates will learn

  • best practice in goal setting and knowledge of the underpinning psychological theory
  • to give constructive feedback and manage difficult conversations
  • an awareness of the importance of using a variety of styles to take account of the abilities and motivations of the people they are responsible for

This workshop incorporates information about the new Sussex Pilot Appraisal Scheme. For more information about the scheme visit our appraisals pages.

Who is it for?

For all Professional Services staff appraisers who haven't yet had appraiser training

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Places on our summer term workshops will be available to book soon

Aspiring Managers (bookings by manager nomination)

Trainer: Peter Storr, The Psychological Manager Ltd

Duration: Four days

Who is it for?

Staff who are in an administrative, technical or other support role but have the potential and ambition to progress to a management role here at Sussex

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By manager nomination only. Please read through the course details and speak with your manager before contacting us to a book a place

Managing Mental Health at Work

Trainer: Stephen Brogan, External mental health trainer and consultant

Duration: Three and a half hours

Course outline

By the end of this course learners should be able to describe

  • The early signs that suggest a member of staff is too stressed at work  
  • The 4 stage model for support and self-help
  • The role of the manager in supporting staff who are struggling

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Recruitment and Selection (online) - mandatory for select staff 

Duration: 45 minutes

Course outline

It is essential that we find staff who possess the skills and abilities the University of Sussex needs, and that we do so equitably and within the law.

This course will provide you with guidance on key aspects of recruitment and selection in higher education, particularly in relation to equality and diversity matters, and the strides you can make to eliminate bias.

Who is it for?

This course is mandatory for all staff who sit on recruitment panels.

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