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Contract Management

Effective contract management is a combination of actionable steps that will help the University improve outcomes and realise maximum value from agreements. It can be divided into three activities;

• Service Delivery: Ensuring service is delivered with agreed performance and quality levels;
• Supplier Relationship: Developing and maintaining an open and constructive relationship;
• Contract Administration: Formal management of the contract.

These activities will improve efficiency, ensure value for money and reduce risk.

Contract management toolkit and supporting guidance

A toolkit and guidance has been produced to help colleagues who are responsible for managing supplier relationships and contracts. It is intended to be accessible to colleagues who have not had professional training in this area, but who have responsibility for managing a contract with a supplier as part of their role.

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The Role of a Contract Manager [DOCX 15.61KB]

Introductory guidance on what is involved in contract management.

Contract Issue or Dispute Resolution Guidance [DOCX 190.66KB]

Introduction to maintaining relationships.

Relationship Management Guidance [DOCX 33.86KB]

Building and maintaining successful relationships.

Monitoring the Performance of Suppliers [DOCX 272.39KB]

Guidance on setting up and reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Segmentation Guide [PDF 334.62KB]

Supplier relationship management tool. 

Contract Plan Template [DOCX 25.25KB]

Guidance on how to plan contract meetings. 

Contract Plan Template with Guidance [DOCX 30.97KB]

Guidance on how to plan a contract.

Best Practice Checklist [PDF 112.98KB]

Good practice contract management checklist.

Activity Checklist [PDF 123.85KB]

Action responsibility list.

University of Sussex - General Conditions - Goods and_or Services (Cont v Proc) [PDF 399.50KB]

Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services

Request for Contract Management Access [DOCX 36.05KB]

E-Learning (coming soon)

Coming soon, please check back later.


Contract Review Meeting Notes & Actions [DOCX 31.27KB]

Contract Signature Process [PDF 86.67KB]

Procurement and Purchasing Policy

Procurement and Purchasing Policy [PDF 907.60KB]

Contracts Management Team

  • Edward Dunn: Head of Operational Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Angelina Kinsey-Cummins: Procurement Consultant (Contracts Management)
  • Lynda Robb: Procurement Advisor (Contracts Management)