Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Race Equality

Race Equality Charter (REC) mission statement and terms of reference

Using an anti-racist lens, to tackle institutional racism and racial inequality through identifying and challenging the structural, cultural and other barriers, practices and discourses at the University of Sussex. The REC has also set out its terms of reference [PDF 125KB]. 

The Race Equality Charter Mark (REC) aims to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and studnets within higher education. The University joined the Charter in December 2018 and has adopted the five key principle of the REC:

  1. Racial inequalities are a significant issue within higher education. Racial inequalities are not necessarily overt, isolated incidents. Racism is an everyday facet of UK society and racial inequalities manifest themselves in everyday situations, processes and behaviours.
  2. UK higher education cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population and until individuals from all ethnic backgrounds can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.
  3. In developing solutions to racial inequalities, it is important that they are aimed at achieving long-term institutional culture change, avoiding a deficit model where solutions are aimed at changing the individual.
  4. Minority ethnic staff and students are not a homogeneous group. People from different ethnic backgrounds have different experiences of, and outcomes from/within, higher education, and that complexity needs to be considered in analysing data and developing actions.
  5. All individuals have multiple identities, and the intersection of those identities should be considered wherever possible. 

Part of Advance HE'S equality charters, the REC provides a framework through which higher education institutions work to idetify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers minority and ethnic staff and students experience. The application for an award under the charter covers the following areas: 

  • diversity of the curriculum
  • student progression and attainment
  • academic staff
  • professional support staff

A Self-Assessment Team (SAT) chaired by the Provost will oversee work towards an application for an award under the Race Equality Charter. The University has appointed a part-time Equality Charter Manager within the EDI Unit who will support the work of the Self-Assessment Team.