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Variation of Study

Variation of study takes place where students vary their modules from those published as part of the validated course.


Variation of study is not permitted at level 3 or levels 4 - 6, since students are provided with extensive choice through Sussex Choice. There are three exceptional circumstances in which undergraduate students can apply to vary their study:

i. To accommodate a study abroad term

For more information on a study abroad term, things to consider and how to apply, please see the information on the Sussex Abroad website by following this link

 ii. To enable a student who has successfully completed a 60 credit pathway at stages 1 and 2, to transfer to the corresponding major/minor degree title, where one exists.

For more information about 90 credit pathways on offer and how to extend a 60 credit pathway to 90 credits please see the FAQs on Sussex Choice by following this link.

If you would like to apply to extend your pathway, please download and complete this application form.

iii. To enable students to replace a failed 15 credit module with the mark of a module taken from the International Summer School portfolio, at the appropriate level.

For more information on International Summer School modules and to apply to take a module from their portfolio, please download and complete this application form.


Variation of study of up to a total of 30 credits is permitted at level 7, to facilitate interdisciplinarity but only where timetabling permits.

Students in the final stage of an Integrated Masters Degree may apply for a variation of study, so long as the proposed module is at level 7. No level 6 credits may be taken in this stage.

Approval for this type change must be obtained from the module convenor, course convenor, and Director of Teaching and Learning. Variations of study that are approved will then be noted at UEC. Applications for a variation of study may be rejected based on academic judgement regarding the proposed variation and/or the academic performance of the student. The Director of Teaching and Learning must ensure that the learning outcomes of any core modules missed can be met and that the level and credit volume of study is academically appropriate.

To apply for a variation of study at level 7 please download and complete this application form.