Academic Quality and Partnerships

Use of in-person examinations



Senate agreed at its meeting in April 2022 that the expectation from 2022-23 was that formal examinations would continue to be conducted online unless there was a good pedagogic reason or an evidenced Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) reason requiring the examination to be conducted in-person.  Use of an in-person exam will continue to require PVC approval.

An in-person examination will usually be an unseen exam (UEX), but may also apply to seen exam (EXS), open book exam (OEX), computer exam (CEX) and multiple choice quiz (MCQ) modes where these are to be held in-person and require centrally-organised invigilation.  Please note that a CEX may not be be held in-person unless the exam requires students to use specific software that can only be run on a PC.

Application process

Exceptional requests to use an in-person examination may be made using Application to request an in-person examination [DOCX 28.96KB].  Please note that the form requires consultation and approval from the following people prior to sending to AQP:

  • Consultation with an Academic Developer to ensure any alternative assessment strategies have been explored
  • Consideration by the School Education Committee and signature of the Chair of SEC

Signed forms should then be sent to for consideration by the PVC (Education and Students).  AQP will additionally check with the Exams and Assessment team whether there are any operational factors to consider. 


Requests must be sent to AQP no later than 24th November of the academic year before you wish the change to take effect (e.g. requests to use an in-person exam in 2024/25 would need to be sent to AQP be 24th November 2023).  This is to ensure that we remain compliant with CMA requirements and to allow time for external venues to booked where necessary (external venues may need a full year’s advance notice of bookings).


AQP will inform you, the Chair of your SEC and your CAO of the outcome, which should be reported to the next meeting of your SEC.