Academic Quality and Partnerships

Periodic Review

 School Periodic Reviews cover all taught and research courses of study offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students in a School, including courses delivered by an external partner.

The main aims of the School Periodic Review are to:

  • provide an opportunity for the institution to review the quality and standards of a School’s educational provision over time, in collaboration with external contributors and members of the wider University community;
  • enable the University to audit the implementation of its policies and strategies for enhancing the student experience;
  • facilitating holistic consideration of a School’s portfolio, to ensure that the curriculum is aligned to both strategy and policy.
Webpages for Pre-2020 Periodic Reviews

2019/20 Academic Year (School of Engineering and Informatics, School of Life Sciences, Brighton and Sussex Medical School [BM BS])

2018/19 Academic Year (Business School, Department of Medical Education)

2017/18 Academic Year (School of Education and Social Work, School of English, School of History, Art History and Philosophy, School of Law, Politics and Sociology, School of Psychology)

2016/17 Academic Year (School of Global Studies, School of Media, Film and Music, Sussex Centre for Language Studies)

2015/16 Academic Year (School of Life Sciences, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

2014/15 Academic Year (School of Engineering and Informatics)

2013/14 Academic Year (School of Business, Management and Economics)

2011/12 Academic Year (Portfolio Review of all Schools)

For guidance about Periodic Review please read the Periodic Review Handbook. If you have any questions about Periodic Review please contact Oliver Craig.